Comfort Food

There is something I find so relaxing about being in the kitchen. It has always been a place I could clear my head. No matter what was going on in my life, I knew that if I mixed together a few ingredients, something delicious would follow. It was simple. It was dependable. And even better, at the end of the process I had something that tasted great and would make me feel better.

This was probably one of the reasons I gained weight. Too many bad days at a bad job resulting in a need for comfort food.

When I started weight watchers, it wasn’t easy to train myself that comfort food could be healthy. I didn’t have to eat mac and cheese to be happy. Steak and potatoes were not going to be my solution for a job I hated. Pizza couldn’t be my go-to meal every time my fiancĂ© pissed me off.

But I didn’t want to give up pizza. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to be honest, I’ve done that on a few occasions. I was determined to find a way to have pizza without scarfing down Papa Johns and feeling like a failure. Thankfully, Kevin and I came up with this recipe early on in our weight watchers adventure, otherwise, I don’t think we would have made it past the first month.

Pizza (8 points plus)

We are constantly changing up the toppings, but here is what was on the menu this week:


Mediterranean Pita Bread (we each get to make our own pizza, which is great!) : 4 pts

Pizza Sauce : 1 pt

Fat Free Feta Cheese (Or reduced fat shredded Mexican blend) : 1-3 pts depending on how much you use

Onion : 0 pts

Tomato : 0 pts

Spinach : 0 pts

Peppercini’s : 0 pts

Turkey Pepperoni : 14 slices is only 1 pt

Red Pepper Flakes and Pizza seasoning : 0 pts

Then just bake at 350 degrees until it smells done or until desired crispness (we typically cook 20-30 minutes).


It is incredibly easy to prepare and make, which is exactly what I want after a long day at work. This pizza has been a weekly meal in our house for the past few months, and I still haven’t gotten sick of it. Mainly because there are a million ways to make it. Mushrooms and black olives are a great addition. Greek Salad Pizza. Veggie pizza. Plain cheese and pepperoni pizza.

I have a lot of ideas to try with this recipe and I can’t wait to eat them all!


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