Step Classes Are For Losers!

Step Class - taken from Pinterest

Step Class – taken from Pinterest

Step classes are for losers. Okay, fine. I’m bitter. That sentence should really read “step classes make me look like a loser.” You know that dorky uncoordinated guy in middle school who had a growth spurt and looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his legs? Well, that was how I started out my day.

Let me explain…

I have tried to be good this weekend. Especially since I got snowed in last week and spent it sitting on my butt, eating snow cream, and watching all the Fast and Furious movies back to back. (Go ahead – judge me.) So when I woke up this morning and remembered it was a holiday and I didn’t have to go to work, I thought what a better way to start out my morning then trying a step and strength class at the Y, right? Wrong!

It started out fine. I was feeling pretty cocky. I was the youngest there by about thirty years so it couldn’t be hard. I had done a basic step class in college. I was going to rock it! And then the combos started.

Things like the perp walk and the rocking horse followed by the heel shuffle and around the world knees. I didn’t know what this woman was talking about let alone how to do it. And every time I thought I was getting the hang of it, she would switch. Although to be honest, I probably wasn’t close to getting it right. The woman next to me stopped her workout to try to show me in slow motion how to do the steps. I still tripped and stumbled my way through the next 40 minutes.

I run. I go to spin classes. I do the elliptical like a champ. Put me in anything that requires coordination and the ability to count 4 steps and I’m a walking disaster. Lesson learned. I won’t be trying that any time soon, if ever.

The only thing helping me get through my wounded pride is the smells emanating from my crock pot. Fiesta chicken fajitas.

Recipe coming soon.


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