Fiesta Chicken (Fajita Fail)

Last Monday when I blogged, I promised my Fiesta Chicken Fajita recipe.

Ok, so the fajita part of my idea last Monday failed. I wanted to wrap up what was cooking all day in a corn tortilla, but what came out of my crock pot had too much liquid. The corn tortilla was soggy before the plate ever left the kitchen. I really should have been prepared for this. I always wind up with more liquid in my crock pot than I anticipated.

But take away the corn tortilla and it may be the best thing I have ever made. Seriously – I have never been so happy to have one of my ideas not work. Kevin loved it so much that it is now back in my crock pot and again, the smell is making me incredibly hungry. (And making Kevin walk around the apartment saying “it smells like a fiesta in here!” every two seconds.)

I don’t think I have ever made the same meal twice in one week but this recipe is definitely worth it. Here was how I made it the first time around:

Fiesta Chicken (6 WW points)

1 package Chicken Breast Tenderloin (3 points)

McCormick Fiesta Chicken Seasoning Packet (0 points)

One Red Bell Pepper (0 points)

One Green Bell Pepper (0 points)

One Yellow Bell Pepper (0 points)

One Onion (0 points)

One Tomato (0 points)

1 1/2 cups Water (0 points)

Fat Free Sour Cream (2 tbsp = 1 point)

Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese Blend (1/4 cup = 2 points)

Now if you are not a fan of too many vegetables, then that version of the recipe is perfect. For Kevin and I, there was too much chicken, not enough veggies. Tonight we are making it with 2 more bell peppers and an extra tomato.


1. Lay chicken breast tenderloin’s into crock pot.

2. Slice onion, bell peppers, and tomato and place on top of the chicken.

3. Mix the seasoning packet into the water until mostly dissolved and pour on top of the ingredients in the crock pot.

4. Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 hours.

5. Plate the meal and then add shredded cheese and sour cream.

Fiesta Chicken Coming Together in the Crock Pot

Fiesta Chicken Coming Together in the Crock Pot

This is definitely a must try! Now excuse me – I must go stuff my face with this:

Straight Out of the Crock Pot

Straight Out of the Crock Pot

unnamed (2)

The Delicious Finished Product

The Delicious Finished Product


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