Making Workouts Fun

A few months ago, I signed up for a half marathon in April. It is exactly a month out and I’ve decided I’m not running it. I really thought that if I signed up for a half marathon it would get me back into running long distances. (My skinnier self ran a half marathon back in high school). But signing up for the race had the opposite effect. It actually discouraged me from not only running but working out in general.

For two months after registering, I would skip the gym because I knew if I went I had to be on the treadmill. I hate treadmills. I couldn’t run outside because it was dark by the time I got home from work. Instead of being active I was spending my time in front of the TV. Again. I finally got back in the gym in late January, but I never picked up running. So I am saying screw it – April 12th I will not be doing the half marathon. 

Not doing the race next month is the right decision, but I miss running. I miss it when it was fun, when I ran without pressure and didn’t have to force myself to train. I want to feel that way again. I just need motivation to start.

So, to repeat my previous mistake, I looked up upcoming races in Charlotte, quickly skimming over the half marathon I signed up for. I never realized how many races are out there and how many of them were made to be fun.

Here are a few that caught my interest:

Color Me Green 5k

Crawdaddy Dash 5k 

Charlotte 5k Foam Fest 

Noda 5k (A race I can immediately get a beer afterwards? I’m in!)

Race to the Top

I really want to register for the last one. How many people can say they raced up 1,194 stairs? Yes, it would be painful and I’d probably be cursing the entire way up, but think of how amazing it will feel after.

I’ve been debating all day. I just have no idea how to train for something like this or how long this would end up taking. I’m anxious I will start avoiding the gym again just so I don’t have to step foot on a stair master.

But even if I don’t do the Race to the Top, I am now making a goal for 2014. I will do one race this year and I won’t stress out about my time. I will enjoy running again.


5 thoughts on “Making Workouts Fun

  1. I have always wanted to participate in a race, but because I’m not really a runner, I always back out. I work out regularly and consider myself in great shape, but just never muster up the courage to actually sign up for a race! There’s a 5k coming up for St. Patty’s Day in my area, so I may participate. Your post definitely inspired me, so thank you! You should check out and follow my blog for some healthy snack ideas!

  2. I would love to do Race to the Top with you, but I was hoping it would be later in the year. I don’t think that would give me enough time to get my body in good enough shape. Maybe we could register for something a little later in the year and keep each other accountable?

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