Steak, Onion, and Peppers Lettuce Wrap

I am going to admit something “out loud” for the first time.

Kevin may be a better cook than I am.

I do everything I can to ignore this fact. I disguise it by helping him cook dinner. I avoid it by trying to make more of our meals then he does. But it is true – he is a great cook.

He has a way to cook meat, especially steak, to perfection – which is something I have trouble with. For Thanksgiving he made a Cranberry Apple Pie from a Cooking Light recipe he found. He is the only one I trust to season the tilapia for our fish tacos.

Thinking about it, I don’t think he has made anything that didn’t taste fantastic.

As much as I would prefer to be the better chef, I am grateful that I found someone who loves to cook. For the most part, we share the kitchen. If I’m cooking, he will cut everything up for me (specifically, the onions) so I don’t have to. Or we will split up who is making what for a meal. Anything to be in the kitchen together and save some time on a week night.

But last week Kevin decided to cook me a meal, which means I wasn’t allowed to help out in the kitchen. To be honest, I thought the meal sounded a little weird and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or if it would satisfy me. It did.

Steak, Onion, and Peppers Lettuce Wrap

1 package of chopped Steak

1 onion

1 red bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

Salt and Pepper to taste

Dash of red wine vinegar

Dash of olive oil

Pieces of lettuce

Reduced Fat Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

Fat Free Sour Cream


1. Cut up the steak (if needed), onion, and bell peppers.

2. Saute the vegetables until they start to brown. Then add in steak and red wine vinegar. Cook until done, around five minutes.

3. Put steak and vegetables on a piece of lettuce. Add cheese and sour cream.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

I had too much trouble eating it as a wrap – the lettuce was too crunchy and fell apart when I tried to bend it. I wound up just eating the steak and veggies with a fork and then ate the lettuce. It was flavored nicely from the mixture.

I am thinking it may be time to accept that Kevin is a great cook. Time to sit back, allow him to cook and then stuff my face.


One thought on “Steak, Onion, and Peppers Lettuce Wrap

  1. This sounds really tasty; sometimes we use cabbage leaves as they stretch better. I’ve also heard that collard leaves work, but I’ve never tried it. Joey is a better cook than I am…I accepted it a few years back. It takes a lot of pressure off me in the kitchen b/c I put it right back on him;).

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