40 Days Sober

I am Catholic and this year for lent, I gave up drinking. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I do like my drinks. I thought it would be a struggle and therefore, the perfect thing to give up.

I didn’t take into account how little I drink now. I only drink on weekends and not even every weekend. Maybe a year ago this would have been harder, but at this point in my life, it wasn’t too bad.

Even though I was barely drinking before Ash Wednesday, my body still felt a difference. It’s hard to explain, but I just felt healthier. I had more energy on Saturday mornings. I felt stronger during my weekend workouts.  Honestly, I don’t even really want to start drinking again. And yes, I say this knowing full well I had company over for Easter dinner. And we cracked open three bottles of wine.

Enjoying our Easter

Enjoying our Easter

After reflecting over my glass of wine, I started to wonder if it would be worth it to give up alcohol completely.  Below are 4 pros and cons to drinking according to me.

Benefits of Drinking

1. It’s a stress reliever. Seriously other than exercise, name me a better cure to a chaotic day than an ice-cold beer.

2. It’s an ice breaker. How much easier is it to get to know someone over a cocktail? How many awkward dinner parties has it fixed?

3. I get even sillier than I typically am. (Keep in mind, Kevin may view this as a con depending on the day.)

4. Drinking has some health benefits as well. It may reduce the risk of developing and dying from heart disease. Works for me – I’m protecting my heart!

Cons of Drinking: 

1. Bloating/Dehydration. Okay, this one may be me, but I swear my face swells up if I even sniff a beer. Just imagine what I look like after I drink one!

2.  Wine hangovers. It doesn’t matter if I have one glass or one bottle, the next morning I wake up feeling like Wile E Coyote after being hit in the head with an anvil.

3. It isn’t diet friendly. Not only does the bloating play a part, but I get the munchies. Wine goes great with cheese and chocolate. Beer goes great with chips and dip. And a martini goes great with an entire jar of olives. See the problem?

4. And of course, drinking heavily can increase the risk of liver disease, as well as other health conditions.


I probably won’t give up alcohol completely. I hardly drink to begin with and like anything, it is fine in moderation. The main problem is fitting it in with Weight Watchers. To me, its honestly not worth the points – I’d rather save mine for something yummier. With Lent ending yesterday I wanted a glass of wine, but now I’m not sure when I’ll drink again, and I am completely okay with that!



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