Tomato and Mushroom Chicken

I wish I could say that each recipe I come up with is something new and exciting. That I constantly experiment with new flavors and ingredients. That’s not the case. The majority of the recipes that I make have the same ingredients – I really am a creature of habit. My recipes are predictable. Basil. Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Olive oil. Cheese. Ninety percent of my meals contain one or all of those ingredients.

Naturally, when I decided I wanted to make chicken, I used all of those ingredients. Tomato and Mushroom Chicken.

Tomato and Mushroom Chicken (serves 4, 7 points plus)

4 boneless, skin-less chicken breasts

2 tomatoes

Large handful of mushrooms

Fat Free Feta Cheese

Garlic to taste

Basil to taste

Salt and Pepper to taste

Olive Oil


1. Brush chicken with olive oil. Place in baking pan. Season with garlic, basil, salt and pepper.

2. Add cut up tomatoes and mushrooms to pan. Sprinkle feta over the chicken mixture.

3. Bake at 350 degrees until cooked, around 40 minutes.

Tomato and Mushroom Chicken

Tomato and Mushroom Chicken


The tomatoes and mushrooms gave the chicken a really great flavor. Mozzarella or goat cheese probably would have been a better cheese to use as feta doesn’t really melt. Despite the fact the feta hardened, the meal was delicious. Definitely a recipe I want to build on!


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