Kitchen Sink Salad

I view a meal for dinner as something that needs to be cooked, whether it be the stove, oven, or the Crockpot. I do have a few exceptions to this idea: cereal for dinner, tuna salad, and/or some sandwiches.

Thanks to ending the week with extra lettuce (Thanks Meredith!) and taking our first real trip to Costco (seriously the best place ever!) I felt inspired. And I really wanted to utilize all the fresh fruit and veggies currently sitting in my fridge. The best way to use all of it: Salad.

The points value changes based on how many olives/croutons/pecans/etc you add. I didn’t calculate mine. I went for a run in the morning and went with a “Salad? How bad can it be?” mentality. Yes, I know some salads are very unhealthy, but I didn’t go overboard on my less healthy ingredients

Kitchen Sink Salad 







Goat Cheese



Ken’s Fat Free Raspberry Pecan Dressing


1. Mix and eat.

Kitchen Sink Salad

Kitchen Sink Salad


I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I only use strawberries in a summer salad and certainly never combined with olives. Surprisingly I liked the weird combination of flavors. The only thing I would change is the dressing. It was too sweet when combined with the strawberries. I think the Sun-dried Tomato dressing I have would have been better. Overall, I think I need to change my definition of dinner.


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