Kittens and Color Wars

I have been absolutely awful. I typically try to blog at least once a week and here I am finishing up two weeks without a post. Not to mention my meals have consisted of restaurant food and I have taken a week and a half off from the gym (WOW!).

To be fair, I have had a lot going on. We had our engagement pictures taken. Then we got our pictures back which took more time then getting them taken because I just kept looking at them.

Also, we adopted a kitten. We have had a cat for over a year now and decided it was time we open our hearts and homes to a new kitty. To be honest, we really wanted a puppy. A friend at work got one and she is adorable. We started looking but we live in an apartment which makes adopting a pup even more complicated. So we decided on a 2 month old kitten now named Grey Goose aka Goose! It was a great decision but he demands and expects a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any recipes (restaurant food, remember?) or any exercise stories to share. You will just have to settle with photos of our color war and Goose!







Pre-color War


Playful even after the surgery


The day we brought Goose home






After three days, Bailey and Goose finally get along enough to be in the same room together


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