Three Things for Thursday

Take two on my Three Things for Thursday:

1. Cleansing from the Beach. If you read my previous post, you know I indulged at the beach with food and drinks. Let’s just say the scale is not my friend this week. Because of this and  how horrible I feel from all that overeating, I have been eating light(er) meals and trying to cleanse my body from all the alcohol and large meals. Here are a few of the meals I have had this week:

A Few of my Dinners This Week

A Few of my Dinners This Week

2. Mental Health. When I was little I wanted to be an author. While normal kids were playing outside, I  was inside spending hours on my computer typing up “books.” I wasn’t writing the next great American novel or anything, far from it actually. Those stories were horrible, but I loved it. I was able to express my feelings. Now that I’m no longer in school, I don’t really have the time to write and I’ve realized its been more than 3 years since I’ve even jotted my thoughts down (this blog excluded, of course). Yesterday, I took the plunge and did something for myself.  I signed up for an online writing class at UNC Charlotte. Health isn’t just exercising and eating right. It’s about finding things that you are passionate about and following what makes you happy. Happiness has a lot to do with health and fitness and it’s not something that many consider. Do something for yourself today!

3. Running. As most of you know, I did the Diva Dash a few weeks ago, and I had a blast! I remembered how much fun races could be. It’s a nice way to break up running alone. I already have two more races that I am going to register for before the year is over. I’m even thinking about joining a weekly group run with some local fitness stores. I was never one for group exercise but it’s definitely starting to grow on me!

Until the next Three Things for Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Three Things for Thursday

  1. I’ve been struggling with the same thing with writing. I always wanted to be a writer and still do. A few times a year, I look up PhD programs and dream about going back to school and finishing up. I’m glad you’re taking the class:)

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