Three Things for Thursday Part 3

Three Things for Thursday:

1. Wanted: Workout Friends.

My best friend is my role model. A few months ago, she completed her first triathlon (and kicked ass) and still trains just as hard. She is the person I think about every time my head says I really don’t need to finish that last mile. The problem though? She lives in Texas and I live in North Carolina. 

I keep reading all these blogs where they’ve set a running goal with their best friend and blog together or meet with friends once a week to work out. I am envious. I have amazing friends, but they’re the type of friends I meet up with after the gym for a beer. Luckily, I do have Kevin and he has been awesome. He is constantly providing encouragement to do another rep or walk away from the m&ms. I just wish we had more friends who worked out.

Exercise wouldn’t feel like a chore some days if it could be more social: Hang out, go for a walk or run on the Greenway, cook dinner and watch bad TV. Hell, I’ll even cook. I think this plan is genius. Clearly, my friends are idiots! 🙂

2. Stuck in a Rut.

It feels like no matter how healthy I am being, the scale just won’t budge. It has literally been on the same weight for a week. It hasn’t gone up (thankfully) or down even a tenth of a pound. And what’s worse; it’s not just the scale. I don’t feel like my body is changing. I don’t feel stronger. I don’t have any more energy then I did the day before. I’m just here. The most frustrating part of becoming healthy is when you plateau. Unfortunately, I seemed to plateau after a vacation so not only am I stuck, but I’m stuck a few pounds higher than I would prefer. I’m trying to do my best to stay motivated. I know if I continue working hard, I’ll start to notice a difference. Still, I’d love any tips on staying motivated!

3. Motivation

As I am stuck and in dire need of my own motivation to last me through the rest of the week, I wanted to share what helped just get me through today. Hopefully it helps inspire you too!  


I have a few recipe posts coming up. Sneak peak: Spicy Coconut Lime Shrimp.


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