Three Things for Thursday Part 3

Three Things for Thursday:

1. Wanted: Workout Friends.

My best friend is my role model. A few months ago, she completed her first triathlon (and kicked ass) and still trains just as hard. She is the person I think about every time my head says I really don’t need to finish that last mile. The problem though? She lives in Texas and I live in North Carolina.┬á

I keep reading all these blogs where they’ve set a running goal with their best friend and blog together or meet with friends once a week to work out. I am envious. I have amazing friends, but they’re the type of friends I meet up with after the gym for a beer. Luckily, I do have Kevin and he has been awesome. He is constantly providing encouragement to do another rep or walk away from the m&ms. I just wish we had more friends who worked out.

Exercise wouldn’t feel like a chore some days if it could be more social: Hang out, go for a walk or run on the Greenway, cook dinner and watch bad TV. Hell, I’ll even cook. I think this plan is genius. Clearly, my friends are idiots! ­čÖé

2. Stuck in a Rut.

It feels like no matter how healthy I am being, the scale just won’t budge. It has literally been on the same weight for a week. It hasn’t gone up (thankfully) or down even a tenth of a pound. And what’s worse; it’s not just the scale. I don’t feel like my body is changing. I don’t feel stronger. I don’t have any more energy then I did the day before. I’m just here. The most frustrating part of becoming healthy is when you plateau. Unfortunately, I seemed to plateau after a vacation so not only am I stuck, but I’m stuck a few pounds higher than I would prefer. I’m trying to do my best to stay motivated. I know if I continue working hard, I’ll start to notice a difference. Still, I’d love any tips on staying motivated!

3. Motivation

As I am stuck and in dire need of my own motivation to last me through the rest of the week, I wanted to share what helped just get me through today. Hopefully it helps inspire you too!  


I have a few recipe posts coming up. Sneak peak: Spicy Coconut Lime Shrimp.

Getting Back on Track

I can basically sum up the month of May in a single sentence. May was a years’ worth of stress, anger and tears squeezed into 31 very long days. Work was stressful. A loved one is moving to a new job in a new city (YAY! But also dealing with her stress is, well…stressful!) My home routine has drastically changed (long story). We adopted an incredibly energetic kitten that┬áour other cat attacks every chance she can. Oh, and we’re planning a wedding.

Not to mention I have been put into a situation I’ve never faced before and hopefully never will again. I simply cannot understand how some people could be so rude/hurtful/cold/hateful/place-your-favorite-negative-characteristic-here. Have you ever seen Pitch Perfect? You know that line, “Leave it, it’s fueling my hate fire.” Yeah, that’s been me – hate fire fueled and angry. It’s exhausting. Cue the emotional eating.

To be honest, I’ve struggled. It was all I could do to get up and go to work when all I wanted was to cuddle up underneath blankets and sleep away the day. Because of this, I stopped eating healthy and took 3 weeks off from the gym (I lied a little in the last post – it really has been 3 weeks). Junk food and exercise did not help. I felt the hole I was in getting deeper. If I kept going it was going to be harder to get out and then all of a sudden I’d look up and realize I was 60 pounds overweight again. It needed to stop.

The purpose of telling you all this isn’t to whine or to demand pity. It’s to share something I seemed to have forgotten these past few weeks. You see a few days ago, I put my big girl pants on and decided I wasn’t going to continue to mope and fume and let other peoples horrible decisions take control of my life. I weighed myself (only up 3.5 pounds, thank goodness) and got my butt to the gym. I was amazed how quickly everything seemed to turn around. I ran through my anger.┬áThe stress went from unbearable to tolerable.

I sometimes underestimate the power of working out. Too often, we focus on weight loss or building muscle or training for the next big race and, we forget how important it is emotionally. My body was starting to depend on endorphin’s from exercise and when I stopped my stress worsened.

Here is a pretty good article from the American Psychological Association that discusses The Exercise Effect.

Next time when life is starting to get the best of me, I am going to remember that the gym is going to help me out much more than my bed. I’m more than grateful to be back at the gym and I am so blessed to have a fiance who motivates me to go. The┬ánext step is to get back on track with cooking. ┬áMy next post will be a recipe. Promise!